I’m back

I’ve been MIA for a while due to personal reasons. It’s been a rough go lately but I’m back and ready to be in the art scene again. I was honored to get an honorable mention in the HAC Objects Found Exhibition for ny piece Games People Play. I have 2 pi cw’s in the exhibit, both are assemblage with hand bound books that can be removed and read. I love the idea of interacting with a piece of art. The books give a bit more insight as to my personal meaning for the work.


I started working on some new monoprints. I guess I need to follow the advice I give my students. It was a frustrating day for me. The initial images didn’t print the way I wanted them to. My first thought was to scrap them and start over. I really had to rethink what I was doing and challenge myself to work through it. Let the prints tell me what to do. So, in the end I ended up with three images I can work with. I’ll draw and paint on top of them and see how they develop. Never give up. Make it work. It’s funny, I think I liked how my pallets looked when I finished so I printed them too. Let’s see if I can do something with that!

A little monoprinting

Piggybacking on my printshop class at the Art League I went back into the shop for a little fun monoprinting some plants from my garden that I will use to make Artist Trading Cards for my NYSATA Art Institute at Great Camp Sagamore in the Adirondacks.

Back to civilization

We came back from our Big West trip searching for some inspiration for some new work. I gave myself a couple of days rest and then headed over to the Art League to take a solarplate printmaking class with ChrisAnn Ambry. Even though I’m pretty good at solarplate I always find it’s good to continue to take classes. You always learn something new. ChrisAnne is a great teacher. It was a wonderful class I just wish we had more time. It went so fast.

Sunset at the Great Fountain Geyser

We planned our day so that we could photograph the Great Fountain Geyser at Yellowstone NP at sunset. It’s not predictable like Old Faithful so you never know when it may erupt. We totally lucked out and it went off as the sun was setting. One of these will make a great photo to frame when I return.

Day 2 at Grand Tetons

Lots to see here today. I went to Mormons Row. I’m sure I will get a good drawing from one of these photos. Then headed out to several other viewpoints and finished the day at the Snake River Overlook and stood right where Ansel Adams took hi famous photograph.